Jim Riley’s video “Breaking” was part of the outdoor video installations on exterior walls of buildings and in store front windows for five nights (October 30-November 4, 2007). Scott McGovern curated this exhibition for Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Guelph, ON.

This mediative video shows two hands breaking a twig in slow motion as a metaphor for nerve damage and the resilience of the human body. The sound component of the piece adds to the great tension built up in the minimal gesture.

The other artists included: Adam Brown (Toronto), Kristen Demchuck (Calgary), Kenny Doren (Guelph), Nora Hutchinson (Hamilton, ON), Dawn Matheson (Guelph), Jenn Norton (Guelph/Toronto), Lenka Novakova(Guelph/Montreal), Jesse Stewart (Guelph), Michael Waterman (Guelph), Emma Sterling & Dan Monceaux (Australia).