Water Bird

Length: 4:27 minutes (looping)

Water Bird is a continuation of Riley's exploration of water. It is a looping video done in slow motion without sound. The bird is a northern Ontario Loon being positioned in a downtown Hamilton environment. It juxtaposes the urban and natural rural environments.

The imagery moves from a a more abstracted perspective of the bird's wing movement to a section of the bird that brings the reality closer to perceiving. Finally a realistic presentation of the full scene is presented that the other two more abstracted sections are based on.

This is the documentation of a temporary, public art, video installation in Hamilton, ON, Canada in September of 2012. It was part of seven temporary public art installations called "Art Walk Exposed'. It ran nightly for two weeks from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m.. There is no audio. It was sponsored in part by the Hamilton Art Council, City of Hamilton and the Trillium Foundation. It brings rural life to juxtapose with an urban environment.